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Senior Friend Finder - Questions to Ask Dating Service?

Senior Finder: Questions to Asking Dating Service
Venturing into senior online dating make an informed choice when choosing a service. Over 50 years of age your concentration maybe on dating seniors with the similar life history and experiences, values and morals. There are literally hundreds of dating services available. Questions to ask dating services will give a structural foundation when deciding on what service meets your needs and requirements. Below are general questions pepper these questions with additional individual questions. Dating services technical dating providing compatible meaningful matchmaking.

Questions To Asking Dating Services

When was Online Dating Service established and what is its reputation?

How many members

What are locations (local, national, international)?

If international dating services provided in what countries?

What typed of relationships is service geared for ( casual relationships or serious relationships)?

What languages provided for members ( English, Spanish, German and etc. )?

Does Online Service have separate Customer Service Department?

Is customer service email, phone contact or both?

If customer service is strictly email what is the response time per member?

What Is Average Members Time Frame With The Company ( example 1 - 12 months) ?

Are There Referrals From Active Members?

Research dating service reviews online.

Does service provide background checks on members?
Check dating services participants screening process and the type of reporting measures that the online service provides. The majority of online dating members are honest and sincere but there are online scam artists. Inquire if the online service requires background checks per members? If not you may want to do your own background check with the other parties consent.

Better Business Bureau
Check with the Better Business Bureau verify if online dating service is a member. If dating service is a member check complaints against the service. Additionally, if you are a member of a dating service that is a member of Better Business Bureau, you are able to file a complaint against the company.

Inquire if service is free or requires paid membership.
If dating service requires paid subscription know the terms and conditions.

Research What Each Online Service Offers.
- Verify subscription and monthly fees for each dating service. Based on fees what benefits are included for members?
- What method is compatibility system based. Success rate of services compatibility system.
- Chat Rooms
- Forums
- Email Service
- Photos
- Personal Personality Analysis
- Suggestion for best match
- Dating Online Tips
- Dating Online Safety Tips
- Member Background Checks
- If service member of Better Business Bureau.

E-Mail Account
For online dating create a separate email account. The separate e-mail account provides anonymity and can be cancelled is necessary. Inquire if service provides separate email account for each member?

Novice or Advanced Computer Users
You maybe a novice or advanced computer user. Does the dating service provide tutorials on computer and Internet services. For a novice, nothing could be worse than becoming a member and not understanding computer, online services and email accounts.  For advances computer users you may need guidance with computer or online issues that may arise.

Seniors do not be intimidated or shy asking any questions or concerns you may have. Make a list before contacting service. Professional services should be able to address your concerns or questions. Dating is a big personal step. You need confidence that the service can provide a safe environment, dependable support, reliable and proven success matching compatible mates.

Decide Which Senior Online Service is Best For You.
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