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46 Senior Online Dating Tips - Be Safe Tips

Senior Online Dating and Safety Tips
 46 Senior Online Dating Tips -
Dating Safety Tips Women and Men

Lifelong Profession you may have dedicated your life to your profession. Not realizing that time was flying by. Profession first relationships were a second or third priorities. In this economy professional stability may have vanished with downsizing or lay-offs.  May have been married, divorced, widowed or never married. As a mature adult professional goals were met or compromised. Now looking for someone to share your life with. Online dating opens up a vista of potential compatibile dates.
Image senior dating members locally, nationally and internationally. Professional  senior compatibility matches. Like everything else in life there are dating safety tips. Review safety tips if your second sense gives a warning pay attention and move on. 

Empty Nest and Single
When children leave home it can leave an empty space in parent's life. After all, parents have devoted their life to their children and now they are gone off to build their own life. Not only are the children grown but now you maybe divorced or widowed. This a time when baby boomers have to regroup. Focus on your own life. Think of it as a renaissance. Senior may want to go back to school or take that special art  or craft class you did not take 20 years ago.Take challenging classes that simulates the mind. Senior back to school and volunteer ideas.  Seniors well skills and highly educated have so many valuable life experiences you may want to participate in your favorite charitable organization. Participate in social activities great way to interact with other people.

When the time is right consider online dating. Consider safety tips when online dating. These safety tips are not exclusive to online dating but any dating experience. Most people are sincere and honest. On the other hand, there are some people that you need to take precautions. It is unfortunate that you have to exercise dating safety rules because of a few bad apples but that is the reality. Date safety and wisely.

Dating Online Safety Tips:

1. Be Yourself
Senior dating is brave big step. First dates can be nerve racking and it is O.K. being nerves. You may not have been on a date in a long time. You may have met your previous mate in high school, college or in the work place. At that time, dating online was not the vogue. You and your previous mate had a history. You both knew each other's similarities and differences. Your meeting someone you do not know. You are in new territory. You maybe intimidated and insecure. Those feeling are understandable and normal. BUT just be yourself. Be truthful. Common complaints are that some online daters are dishonesty about appearance, age and weight. Male tend to under state their ages and women understate their weights. Let us me realistic daters come in all appearances, ages and weights. Men have a dilemma should they be chivalrous or is the new date independent. The answer is be self. You are looking for someone that wants to date you for your real self. Not someone that you think or they think you should be. Do not camouflage just be your Beautiful Baby Boomer Self. RELAX your new baby boomer date is just as nerve.

2. Adult Conversation
You and your former partner probably shared religious, political, family and money views. Over time you may have accepted your former partner's differing opinions. Your knew your former partner's history. Your first date is a stranger. You cannot explore the whole person on the first date but a few topic tips. A few topic tips to get a conversation started. are hobbies, movies, music, book favorites and favorite foods. You may want to mention places of birth, parents and siblings. Do not harp on and on about your ex. Keep the conversation positive and light. Over time both and your new partner's feelings, interests, professional goals, family values, temperaments and life goals will be revealed.

3. Be Courteous and Polite
Boomers "Old School" but can never steer you wrong. Kindness and consideration goes a long way. Little things like "Thank You" and "Excuse Me".

4. Be Safe
You are going out with someone you do not know. Tell someone you trust where you are going and who you going with. Keep your cell phone charged at all times. Let your contact know approximately when you will return home. If you get a creepy feeling on the first or second date it is not rude to excuse yourself and leave. You can always call a cab or have a friend pick you up. Always have extra money in case you need to call a cab. Having extra money is a special dating tip for women. Another independent approach would be meeting your date at a said location. This way no one is dependent on transportation to or from a date. Uncomfortable apprehensive situations have to be avoided. Boomer dating tip go with your instincts.

5. Independence:
On the first or second date each party may want to pay for the date jointly. Call it dutch dating. That way no one has to feel obliged. Benefit of maturity is self-awareness and independence. You know what you like and do not like all relationships require compromise but retain your independence. Respect independence in others.

6. There Is No Rush:
Most senior online dating sites protect your anonymity. Real first and last names should not be used in profiles. Your user name should be a name you are comfortable with but does not divulge you identity. Chat rooms or forums gives members the opportunity to see how other members interact in group settings. Topics vary daily, social and current events. Your may want to be active in forums or just observe other members. There is no obligation to engage in chat rooms or forums if they are not for you.

7. One-on-one chats online let the conversation flow truthfully and naturally. Compare it to meeting a person personally. Do not push take it slow. Do not feel that your have to fabricate questions or answers trying to impress. Your looking for a solid relationship not a relationship built on sand. Conversely, if the member your communicating with conversation appears to pushy and or concocted you may want to move on. Online chats should move along positively at a natural pace. Interested in a first date give your first name (only) and phone number.

8. Initially just used your nickname in forums and chat rooms. One-on-one online chats retain user name until your comfortable with giving first name and phone number. On first and second date may want to bring a friend or set up a group party or activity (coffee shop or picnic). If dating alone always make friend or family member aware of date time and return time. Always have a charged cell phone and extra cash. Extra cash in case you have to call a taxi home. This seems like a lot of precautions. Generally, it is the same rules to follow on a traditional date excluding online screening, forums and online chats. This main thing to remember is do not feel rushed to engage in a date. Most people are not computer wiz's. Take as much time as you need to familiarize yourself with the dating service and system. Understand online dating profiles, forums and chat rooms. Accustom yourself  to  new way of dating there is no rush.

9. In any dating situation all parties have to be respectful of the other person's time. Do not feel obliged to answer every phone call, text message or email. If it is a last minute date arrangement you are not obliged to go on the date. Dating should be comfortable and unrestricted. One ideal quality would be joint respect of each others time and personal life-style. Baby Boomers have been around the dating block once or twice wait for that special one that is considerate. Understanding of Time. Mature adults have busy live styles and social demands. Set aside a special date time comfortable for both partners.

10. While on your date concentrate on your date. It is rude and not impressionable having a wondering eye or flirting with strangers while on your date. If date has a wondering eye or flirts during date that maybe sign to consider. It is rude to spend the majority of the date on the cell phone, texting or on the lap top. If the date is obsessed with the cell phone, texting or on lap top may be a signal of opposite mates real priority and it may not be dating?

11. You maybe having a great time or maybe having a miserable time on your date. Remember do not drink too much. One drink impairs judgements. It is a sure bet that three drinks will blur judgement.  If the date is successful or a flop keep your disposition.

Family or Best Friend Security:
12. There is nothing like the emotional support of  family or best friend. On the first or second date you may want your new date to meet your family or best friend. Sounds old fashion and yes they are going to give that date the once-over but the feedback maybe invaluable.

Joint Dating:
13. Seniors maybe insecure about initially dating one on one. Consider group dating. Invite friends or family members pick a dating spot. Plan a wine tasting party, coffee or tea bistro, picnic, tour a museum, art gallery, take a boat cruise of bay or harbor, group golfing, group tennis, dog park and etc.

Emotional Safety:
14. If there is a pattern that you can only call new partner's work place. Or if there is pattern that you can only call the home phone during certain hours. Maybe you can only call the new partner's cell phone number. It is possible the the new partner is married or living with someone. If the prospect is married just drop them. No one needs to know the drama why a married person would joined a single online dating service. If a married person has joined a single online dating service, they are initially showing deceit.

No Personal Background Information:
15. Someone that only wants you to reveal yourself and refuses to reveal anything of substance about themselves. Judge for yourself it maybe that the person is extremely shy and a wonderful listener or someone that is secretive and guarded. If it is the latter why is the other person guarded? You may want to ask why and get a satisfactory rely. Conversely, on the first or second date there is no need to disclose everything about yourself. Nice casual dating conversation tips are: favorite movies, favorite writers, favorite books, favorite vacation places and etc.

Background Checks:
16. Verify if dating service requires members to provide background checks. If service does not provide member background checks may want independent background check.

Blow Heart
17. If it sounds too GOOD to be true it maybe too good to be True. On online chats your potential date dines in Paris twice a month, has apartments in Los Angeles, New York and Paris and only attends celebrity parties may raise antennas. Could be a blow heart or truthful.

18. Unfortunately, there are scam artists or Gold Diggers. The majority of seniors dating online are just sincerely looking for a mate. Seniors have to be responsible with their personal finances. Never give personal information social security numbers, bank account numbers, stock portfolio information, mortgage information, home values and etc.. If a prospect request any of the above do not give any information. Protect your personal information. Never Never give Money.

Never TOO Old:
19. We are in a youth oriented society. With so much attention to youth Baby Boomer's neglect touting their positive qualities. Boomers are a large demographic portion of this society and the world. Seniors are living longer and have healthy active productive lives. Seniors have vast life experiences and knowledge that can only be acquired with time. Senior are vibrant, intelligent and a major contributing life force in any society. There is still so much ahead for seniors but WHY do it alone. Share your valuable life with someone. Baby Boomer online dating increased 140% from 2006-2007. You maybe a divorcee, widow, widower or never found that right ONE. Senior dating is a new journey and it is your time to find that special mature someone only for you.

Change in Daily Routine:
20. Dating can be exhilarating and exhausting. Do not neglect yourself, family and profession. Maintain your daily regiment with a little time set aside for a new date.

21. For serious dates discuss health issues. One or both companions may have health issues. There maybe family members that have serious health issues. If one or both partners have health issues or a family member has serious health issues that can effect the relationship it is best to discuss the issue upfront.

22. Fear of rejection is not based on age. Women and men both have the fear of rejection. Humans want to be accepted and loved. With baby boomers online dating increases the fear. Dating sites require members to write self profiles and provide photos. Boomers may feel those requirement are a form of marketing. It is a form of marketing. On the other hand, necessary marketing for matching compatible mates. Online Dating Big Lies both Women and Men: age, weight, height, photos not current and money. Embellished photos and profiles may be a result of fear of rejection. Boomers let us be serious with age comes extra pounds, a few wrinkles and gray hair that is the beauty of aging. Sincere Seniors dating online are seeking honesty and true compatible mates. With honest profiles and photos do not fear rejection you are ahead of the dating game because you have been honest. The chemistry may not be there on the first or second date it is O.K. Senior Dating Services provide hundred of thousands of senior women and senior men members worldwide looking for serious relationships.

Do Not Take Too Seriously
23. Getting back into the dating game is a challenge but not the end of the world. Safely date, take your time and keep your sense of humor.

New Ways to Communicate
24. Skype: Online telephone video service. Communicate online with real time video. Good way to communicate and see your date while talking.

Dating Services:
There are more than 1,400 online dating services. Research the dating companies and services provided.

  • 25. How reputable is the service? Can research reviews online and with Better Business Bureau.
  • 26. How long have they been in business?
  • 27. How many members?
  • 28. Is service free or paid subscription?
  • 29. What are terms and monthly fees?
  • 30.What dating categories are available (single, senior, single parent, Christian, Jewish, Asian, Hispanic and etc.)?
  • 31. Is there customer service?
  • 32. What type of customer service email, phone or both?
  • 33. Does service provide dating safety tips?
  • 34. Does service provide online dating tips?
  • 35. What compatibility matching technological system is used and how successful is system?
36. Before submitting your personal profile to dating service check spelling, grammar and submit a current photo.
Common untruths in profiles are old photos, age and weight. Save time and be truthful.

37. Dating services gives members nickname. Never give your real name in chat boards and when communicating via email with new members you just met. When comfortable with new friend may want to give real name.

38. Dating services give members individual email addresses. Never give your personal email in chat boards or when communicating via email with new members. When comfortable with new friend may want to give your personal email for communication. The advantage to having a separate members email account is that it can be cancelled at anytime.

Personal Phone Number
39. Senior dating services do not provide member's personal phone numbers. Do not give your personal phone number in chat boards or initial one-on-one email communications. Again if you are comfortable with a member and would like them to be your friend then give your personal phone number.

Home and Office Address:
40. Senior dating members do not disclose your home or business address in chat rooms or initial one-on-one emails. When very comfortable with a new friend or before a 1st or 2nd date disclose your home address.

Be Optimistic But Realistic:
41. It is great temptation to just to get out of the house. If you are expecting Fireworks on the first date that probably will not happen and does not mean that the chemistry may not happen over time. On that first date there maybe a comfort level and common interests. You may want to be broad minded and go on a second date. But if there is no chemistry, disappointed and you are uncomfortable pass the second date. An example would be that the person allergic to dogs and you have 3 dogs in your home. Another example would be, you love music and the other person dislikes the sound of music. You maybe divorces with 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren. Your prospective date has never been married and has no children. Additionally, the prospect does not like children. These maybe signals that this is not the relationship for you. A key to a lasting relationship is compatibility. There will be winning and loser dates. You are looking for the WINNER. There is an old saying, "You Have to Kiss a Few Frog before you get to a Prince". No problem that is why you are a member of Senior Online Dating thousands of Baby Boomer dating prospects looking for causal or long term companionship, like minded interests, same religion, mutual respect and ideas, love or marriage. Do not put all of your eggs in one basket have fun and do not dating too seriously. Like anything else worth finding the perfect date may take time but you may meet valuable friends on your journey. Have a Sense of Humor

Sense of Humor
42. Always keep your sense of humor.

Rush Job:
43. If dating member has a "Now or Never" attitude Never Is Safer. Serious dating requires couples considerable time to get to know each other. This is not a sprint race but a marathon race. Slow, consistent and study wins the race.

44.. You will not be attracted to all members on the senior online dating service. Conversely, not all of the baby boomer online dating members will be attracted to you. You may find that special one on the first date but more than likely it is going to take time. Do not put yourself under undue pressure and enjoy yourself, be safe and use good judgement but keep a GOOD sense of humor. Seniors Have a Good Time and Sense of Humor.

45.  Safe Sex

Do Not Fly Without Your Parachute! Senior practice safe sex.
Senior Safe Sex - Read More

46. No More Frogs

Too Old to Kiss Frogs

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