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Meet Senior Singles – Dressing For A Date

 Senior Single Men and Women Dressing For A Date

Seniors dressing for a Date -
 Carmen Orefays
81 year old Carmen Orefays
The Look Today
 Senior Dressing for A Date.
This is not your traditional article on seniors dressing for a date. There is not a cookie cutter answer. Most importantly, when you look good you feel good. Nothing is worse than going out on a date and being self conscience about what you wore. How you look in a outfit. Instead of being comfortable on the date you are squirming about what you have worn. It could be the wrong color, wrong design  and or fashion. The shirt, dress, jacket may be too tight, too long or short, fashion miss, wrong color, shoes too tight or combination. It is horrible to go on a date and your feet hurt. Just as horrifying is a shirt, pant or skirt button popping off during a date. You may have read in a magazine or seen on a morning show the latest fashion for seniors. Well after giving the latest senior fashion a try, it is not for you.

Seniors it is funny how we have been fashion conformist all of our lives. In public school we dressed based on what was the in-thing was with the group. If you attended private school there were daily uniforms. In college we tended to conform to the campus fashion of the day. As a married couple with children society had dress code standards. In the work force the employer has a dress code and employees conformed. Now you are single senior and society has old ancestral dress codes for seniors. I do not subscribe to those dress standards. Fashion is a form of self express. Seniors you are now free. Dressing for a date wear what makes you comfortable. What make you feel good. Dressing well based on the occasion gives a sense of confidence.  It may be old comfortable shoes, new high heels, a bow tie, a hat, new shiny bangle, jeans, fashion sunglasses and swim suits are not out. You choose you know what you look good on you. You know the correct size, fashions and color schemes that enhance your appearance. Nothing in wrong with venturing into a new fashion. Nothing wrong with staying in this is me fashion. I went online searched Baby Boomer fashions. Senior dating fashion is wide open.

Dressing for a Date Ideas:

Carman Orefays High Fashion Model -
Outfit for a chilly day.

There is something about men in suits.

Sean Penn - Semi Formal Date Wear Suit and Open Shirt

There is nothing like a rugged male of any age.
Layered sweaters in coordinated natural colors.

Women add to your mystic wear a Hat.
Vintage hats are always in style.

Classic Gentleman Wear

Just Like This Classic
James Cagney Look!
Johnny Depp: Men keep you identity
 wear your trademark hat.
Hot Date Dressing: Red dress
and stylish black hat.

Not Bad On the Eyes - Casual Attire Hat,
Scarf, Leisure Pants and Jacket 

What a Man
What a Style
No Woman Would Mind Going on a date
with a Senior Guy  dressed 
dark suit and no tie.
-Sean Connery-

Great Fashion High Collar Shirt
and Tapered Dark Suit
Women Conservative Date Dress

Helen Mirren - Women Casual Dating Dress

Casual Dress Roll-Up Levi's
with tennis shoes RELAX 

 Who Said T-Shirts
 Are Just For Kids?
(George Clooney)

Dating Dress Ideas: Swimming and Boating grab
swimsuit, trunks, light blouse/shirt and straw hat.

Helen Mirren
Seniors Still Got IT
Just Want to Have Fun Attire.
You Are Never Too Old For Fun.

No Old Lady Glasses -
Wear Fashion Sunglasses on Date

Elegant Dress-up - Silk blouse, scarf, small ear bobs
 and dramatic necklace (Carmen Orefays) 

Going on a Fancy Date Wear Fancy Shoes

Senior Women Be The Belle of the Ball.
Woman Admired for Her Beauty and Charm
Klimet Summer Evening Dress

Dressing For A Date - Sheer Dainty Blouse,
Stylish Purse and Bangles

A Little Dab Will Do It.
Simple Earrings adds to Classic Elegance.
Bobs and Bangles

Fashion Accessory the Scarf. Scarfs will add a bounce to any outfit
causal, business or evening wear.

Look What You Can Do with a Shawl Scarf.
The Shawl Scarf is the Focus Point
of the outfit.

Men and Women Niki shoes dating foot wear for all seasons:
 shopping, walking, biking, sightseeing, biking, coffee shops, travel 
and MORE! 

Exercise Date at the gym, park or beach:
Wear casual loose attire. Be Comfortable.

Dressing for a biking date?
Biking attire and sleek safety helmet.
Ready Set Go!

Casual Men's Wear for a Date
Looks Cool!

Never Too Old To Wear Jeans On A Date.

Nothing Fancy Light Blouses, Shirts,
Sweater over shoulders and straw hat.
Feel comfortable enjoy Mother Nature, food
and happy conversation.
We just grabbed what was in the closet.
We Are Comfortable and Into Each Other.

Dressing for a Date do not be hampered
by misconcepts about what you are suppose to wear. Wear what makes you comfortable. It maybe something that you wear all the time. Or an outfit for special dating occasions. Venture out and purchase something that makes you feel good. You know what style, size and color scheme looks good on you. There is nothing wrong with exploring newer trends if there is a comfort level with the trend. There is nothing wrong with just wear oldie but goodies. Be yourself. Date will appreciate you for yourself.

Most Of All
Dressing For A Date Be Yourself
Have A Sense of Humor!

Senior Women Pamper

It is great to dress up or down for shopping, gardening, office, date or etc. Single senior women before the dress-up pamper yourself daily.  One entitlement women have is pampering. There is nothing like a nice warm relaxing scented bubble baths. It is amazing the small body maintenance you can do while relaxing in the bath. Do not forget those moisturizing creams. Pampering is not new. In Ancient Egypt Cleopatra bathed in milk and rose petals. Women Ancient Egypt and Greece moisturize with olive oil. Pampering is a women's entitlement. Pampering is not only for a date but a everyday thing just for you.

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