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Dating, Romance, Love Changing Times - Senior Matchmaking

Dating, Romance and Love - Senior Matchmaking
-Times Are Changing-

Gone With the Wind - Dating, Romance and Love

Seniors what is Dating, Romance and Love? Expectations have changed since Caveman and Medieval times. Caveman clubbed a woman over the head dragging her into his cave. It was at the Caveman’s discretion if she remained his permanent mate. In the Medieval times women were a man’s property. It was a young woman’s goal to marry well. Marrying well does not only pertain to financial security for her and future children. It included having a consider spouse. A woman’s destiny depended on marriage. In medieval and modern Europe emphasize was not geared toward a woman’s education but preparing her for marriage. I feel this concept extended to American and lasted until the mid twentieth century. Chivalry and romance beginning in medieval times has been modified over time. Contemporary romance and love has been greatly influence my movies and novels. I think I have seen “Gone with the Wind” twenty or more times. If there was ever a “Knight in Shining Armor” it was Clarke Gable. Movies like “Gone with the Wind” can influence a young girl’s impression of romance, love and ambition. “It Is a Wonderful Life” depicted what romance, love and marriage were supposed to be. The world has changed. The divorce rate in America is approximately 50%. Seniors have active long lives. For what ever reasons: divorce, widowed or never been marriage seniors are active in the dating scene. Senior Dating Online has a surge in membership. Dating online find a large pool of eligible members with the same values, goal, history, religion and moral values. May not meet Clarke Gable or Vivian Leigh type but a compatible mate.

Romance and Love Through Time

In prehistoric times the leader of the pack was the alpha male. He was the strongest, loudest and leader of the pack. The caveman’s method of romance was clubbing the woman and dragging her to his cave. In the cave the alpha-cave man would do what ever he wished with the cave woman. There are no records dating, romance or love. This kind of behavior was common and expected. More than 10,000 years ago women and men did not have the advantages or expectations they have today. Caveman and women tended to monogamous. The reason for monogamy was survival. Monogamy strengthens social structure. Prehistoric men and women had to hunt for their food. They have no permanent homes. They consistently were looking for food and shelter. Mating in prehistoric times provided security for the woman and children. A family working together increased family productivity.

Medieval Times
In Medieval times romance was not what we see in the movie with Russell Crowe or Errol Flynn. Elite classes viewed love and marriage as business transactions. Wives brought dowries and some instances the alliance of two countries. Women were usually viewed as the male’s property. A woman whole future depended on her marriage. Moralist in the 11th and 12th century considered passion as sinful. Medieval romance idealized the noble knight and his noble deeds. Romance idealized High Adventure which was usually knights and nobles participating in religious crusades and wars.

Romance in Early Modern Europe
From the 15th century to 18th century was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Events from 15th to 18th century invention of printing press, Christopher Columbus, beginning of Protestant Reform, discovery of the Americas, European colonization of the Americas, American Revolution and French Revolution. Elizabeth I reign (1558-1603) height English literature and poetry. During Elizabethan Era William Shakespeare composed plays and poetry. Plays were performs at court. There were three themes for Shakespearean writings comedy, romance and history. Age of Reason or Age of Enlightenment in European philosophy. Romance differed by class. Marriages in the villages had to be strongly approved by both parents. Villagers could marry for love but had other motivations. The male was seeking a hard working mate and someone that could bear children. Woman were seeking security. In noble quarters marriages were arranged to enhance fortunes. The Church had a very strong influence and virginity was seen as the highest mortal award for any single woman. Regardless, of class in modern Europe women sought marriage and security.

Romance Today
America is considered a young country. America is a melting pot of ethnicity's, cultures and traditions worldwide. The leading country in the world. The 19th amendment was passed in 1920 giving women the right to vote. 1928 was the beginning of the Great Depression. During WWII women were allowed in the work force. Men were away fighting in the war. Franklin D. Roosevelt introduces Social Security and the Veterans Bill. In the 1950’s in American economy was booming. In 1960s the birth control pill was approved for contraception. All of these world events have changed the roles of men and women in the society. Women have the freedom of a career, being a wife and mother. It is now acceptable that women are the bread winner’s husbands as stay at home dads raising the children. Be what about romance. Novels, plays and movies have influenced the concept of what romance should be. In the past mates met through family members, in school, socially or at the work place. Date seeking is still social (in bars, parties, churches, through family and friends). There is a new twist. In this age of computers online dating is an acceptable practice. One in Five couples is finding mates online. Senior online dating is tailored exclusively for senior dating. Ages vary but generally average age is 50 years and older. Senior Matchmaking based on compatibility taking dating, romance and loves into the 21st century.

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Dating Customs Worldwide - Senior Matchmaking

Worldwide Dating and Marriage
 Dating Customs Worldwide -
Senior Matchmaking

Seniors ever wonder about dating and marriage customs worldwide? This article will be a eye opener. Matchmaking is not the same in America, Europe, China, Iran or India. There is a surge in Senior Online dating in America but other corners of the world Senior dating online or off is unheard of. Brief overview of dating customs worldwide.   In the United States there are co-ed schools. Kids meet in school, dances, church or neighborhoods. In USA teenagers date. There are not laws against dating in America. The male will ask for a date. In long-term or marriage the couple wants their family to accept their partner but parents do not arrange their children’s marriages. Each country has its own dating customs and traditions. In Europe teens usually date in groups and have co-ed slumber parties. In Holland there are no rules. In China and Korea teenagers do not date in high school. Teens focus on academics. Chinese and Koreans youths date in college. In Iran dating is against the law. Arranged marriages account for 75% of marriages in India. Dating customs and traditions are dictated by country, ethnicity, religion and culture. Online Dating via the Internet is opening dating traditions and customs. Online dating is a growing trend in the United States, Europe, China and Australia.

Look at Dating Customs Worldwide:

Afghanistan – Girls and boys both have strict curfews. Curfew time for girls is 7:00 pm and for guys 11:00 pm. Education is strictly based on gender. There are girl school and separate boy schools. No co-ed education in Afghanistan. Dating is rare in Afghanistan. Marriages are arranged by the bride and groom’s parents. There is no online dating.

Asian Countries – Varies by ethnicity, culture and country. In some countries dating is encouraged and other countries dating is forbidden. Countries where dating is forbidden marriage in arranged by the parents. Not unusual for young married couple to live with parents in early stages of their marriage.

Australia – Before 18 years or 19 years of age teen go out in groups. It customary for girls to ask boy out for dates and girl will pay for dates. After the late teens boys and girls will pair off. There are approximately 1.5 million dating online in Australia. Projects are that there will be an increase of 2 million by 2010. Increasing users are 50 years and older using online dating services.

Brazil – Group dating is not common. Prospective brides and grooms tend to date for longer periods before marriage

Central and South America – Teenagers not allowed to date until they are 15 years old. Date in large groups. Social events are dances and local social clubs.

China – Similar to Japan and Korea dating does not begin until twenties. Not a country for serial dating. Dating begins in couples twenties not in teen years. Marriage generally followers after dating one or two people. Serial dating is not common. There are instances of arranged marriages. As in ancient times the marriage arrangement is made by the bride and groom's parebts,  There is a stigma in Chinese society for broken marriages. June 2010 China’s soldiers were not allowed to use dating online services. Online daters in China are expected to raise 140% by 2010.

Europe - Groups dating is common. Teens usually date in groups. Slumber parties are common in Switzerland and Italy. These slumber parties are attended by both boys and girls both sleeping overnight.

 India – In their twenties many children still live with their parents. 75% of marriages are arranged by the parents. This is a custom similar to Iran. India’s divorce rate is approximate 1.1%.

Iran – Dating is against the law in Iran. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution dating was banned. Extramarital relationships can result in severe punishment. Teen boys and girls are separated until marrying age. As in Afghanistan girls and boys attend separate schools. There are no
co-ed education. Courtship follows after the parents or family member introduce couples. Arranged marriages are not uncommon in Iran. Extra marital affairs are not encouraged in Iran. Adultery can have hassle effect for women socially. The divorce rate in Iran is approximately 2%.

Japan and Korea - Teenage years are spent in academic studies. Dating begins in college. Usually the young adult male is the aggressor. He will ask for dates. The male pays for the date.
No "Dutch dating" in Japan or Korea.

Spain - Teens join club or group of friends called, Padilla. Padilla, interest clubs groups participate with same interests, like cycling, tennis, golf, skating, swimming or soccer. There is no stigma; boys or girls can ask each other out. No stigma about “Dutch dating” both can split the cost of the date.

Russia - Similar to dating in America. Teens meet at dances or clubs. Where teens may meet in shopping malls in America in small Russian town teens may meet on downtown streets or gathered around fountains. In Kiev, women will hold a man’s arm on a date. Women in Kiev feel it is not feminine for women to shake hands.

United Kingdom – 27% increase online dating site visits. 20% met their spouses online between 19 and 25 years old. 55 years old and older are the most active online daters.

United States – 2010 traffic to dating sites rose 13%. 2010 US 40 million used online dating sites and or social media to met new dates. Senior Online Dating accounts for a large percent of members in professional services. Approximately 50% of Americans know someone that has met a date online. One in five marriages spouses found their mate online.

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Holland - There are NO Rules. Relationships just evolve.

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Liz and Burton Love and Lost - Senior Singles

Liz and Burton Love and Lost - Senior Singles

Liz and Burton Love and Lost
Senior singles have you ever been in a long term relationship or marriage? When it ended,  said regretted the relationship. Wish I was never in relationship or marriage.  You would never do that again! As the time goes by you realize the relationship would never lasted but in your heart there are no regrets. Relationships and love have a common equalizer. All people regardless of position have  highs, lows and lost in romance and love. Before Brad Pitt and Angela Jolie there was Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Their love story had a worldwide theme Love and Loss.

Elizabeth Taylor (1932- 2011) duet citizen of England and USA. Married eight times having seven husbands. In my opinion her greatest love was Richard Burton.She married Burton twice. Richard Burton (1925-1984) born working class, Neath Port, Wales. He was the twelfth of thirteen children. In the 1940s he worked on stage and cinema in England. In the late 1940s critics claimed, “acting fire, manly bearing and good looks.” Burton’s first wife was a fellow actor Sybil Williams. They married in 1949 they had two children. He first met Elizabeth Taylor at a party. She was pregnant and then married to Michael Todd. Taylor’s second husband.

In l963 the production of Cleopatra starring Elizabeth Taylor. Richard Burton replaced Stephen Boyd as Mark Anthony. Up until that time Twentieth Century Fox’s Cleopatra was the most expensive film ever made and running over budget. Cleopatra was cut from six hours to four hours and was a box office success. Burton’s role as Mark Anthony paved the road to Burton’s success in Hollywood as a leading man. He remained among top 10 box-office earners for the next several years. Elizabeth Taylor was already Hollywood Royalty and a top box office earner.

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton fell in love during the production of Cleopatra. There was one small problem they were both married to other people. Burton was married to his first wife, Sybil Williams. Elizabeth Taylor was married to her fourth husband Eddie Fisher. They both divorced there respective spouses and married in 1964. The Vatican condemned their affair as “erotic vagrancy”.  The press had a never ending curiosity about their affair and marriage. Why not? Elizabeth Taylor was one of the most beautiful women in the world and one of the world most famous actresses. Richard Burton was hard drinking with a ruddy complexion. His voice was golden in a very manly Shakespearean way. Burton had alpha male presences. At the time, they were two of the most famous people in Hollywood. When they looked at each other there was fiery love and passion in their eyes. Burton lavished Elizabeth with jewelry. Famous were 33.19 carat Krupp Diamond and pear-shaped 69.42 carat Taylor-Burton Diamond. With all of the love, passion, comfort and beauty after a ten year of marriage they divorced in 1974.

Liz and Burton briefly remarried 1975 and divorced again in 1976. The public around the world could not get enough of Liz and Burton. Their affair made them top motion picture earners for several years. I question if the film, Cleopatra had not be made Liz and Burton may not have fallen in love.

Life is a roller coaster. During their affair and marriage the Burton's lived extravagantly all over the world, most beautiful couple in the world, and top Hollywood earners. It did not end well personally for them both after 1976. One of the many films they made together may have given an inside look into their marriage. Film made in 1966, ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” Rumors, Richard Burton at one point or the other was supporting 42 family members. In 1976 Burton married Susan Hunt and ended in divorce in 1982. In 1983 Burton married his fourth wife Sally Hay. Richard Burton was a heavy drinker and smoker and died from a cerebral hemorrhage August 1984. In 1976 Elizabeth Taylor was no longer box office golden. She was famous for her beauty, marriages and old movies. She founded a successful perfume company and AIDS foundation charities. She married two more times and divorced. She died March 2011.

It does not matter if you are rich or poor all people are seeking companionship and love. Fiery passion romance coined,"heart over head." The fascination with celebrities is that there romances and marriage may mirror our own.

 Liz and Burton married in 1964 before online dating. They are both died. My guess is that they did not regret meeting and falling in love. Others have had love and lost relationships and marriages. Their old memories are dictating NO Regrets. Currently people are meeting at parties, bars, church and work places. Senior may not be looking a fiery romance or maybe you need the fire. Want the fire back or a long lasting simmering flame? Look into Senior  Dating Online local, national, international matchmaking based on compatibility.

 Love Can Be Better the 2nd Time Around!

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Senior Too Old to Kiss More Frogs - Senior Dating

Kissing Frogs -Senior Too Old
Senior Too Old to Kiss More Frogs - Do Not Want To Kiss Frog - Senior Dating

Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale a princess befriends a frog. Kissing the frog he is transformed into a handsome prince. “You have to kiss a lot of frog before you find your handsome prince.” Century old fairy tale that has integrated in modern times depicted in Shrek 2 and Shrek the Third. The road to romance and love is rocky. When you are young there was time to kiss and wait for the transformation of the frog changing to the mate you have dreamed about. Through puppy love, casual dating, serious dating, marriage and or divorces you may have seen the transformation. If you saw the transformation you are lucky. Prince Charming may have reverted back into a frog.

Seniors dates generally no longer whole heartily believe in the fairy tale but there is Hope. More importantly, seniors do not have the time or patience playing the game of frog kissing. Too old to kiss more frogs. It was fun when you were young but time brings about a change. Senior looking for a long term committed relationship? Senior Dating Online maybe the answer.  Senior dating online services exclusivelt dedicated to seniors. Preview senior member’s photos, profiles and professions. Anonymous one-on-one email chats. No commitment or pressure. Online services provide dating tips, safety tips and customer support. There are no guarantees that you may not come in contact with a few frogs but there is a greater pool of eligible members. Seniors that share your values, goals, religious background and social interests. Individual have varied reasons when seeking a mate. Seniors have different reasons for seeking a date. Varied reasons  are: companionship, social and traveling mate, shared backgrounds, shared religious values, shared political values, long term relationship, love and or marriage. In any case, look into Senior Dating Online.

Seniors Lessen Chances of Meet A Frog

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Meet Senior Singles – Dressing For A Date

 Senior Single Men and Women Dressing For A Date

Seniors dressing for a Date -
 Carmen Orefays
81 year old Carmen Orefays
The Look Today
 Senior Dressing for A Date.
This is not your traditional article on seniors dressing for a date. There is not a cookie cutter answer. Most importantly, when you look good you feel good. Nothing is worse than going out on a date and being self conscience about what you wore. How you look in a outfit. Instead of being comfortable on the date you are squirming about what you have worn. It could be the wrong color, wrong design  and or fashion. The shirt, dress, jacket may be too tight, too long or short, fashion miss, wrong color, shoes too tight or combination. It is horrible to go on a date and your feet hurt. Just as horrifying is a shirt, pant or skirt button popping off during a date. You may have read in a magazine or seen on a morning show the latest fashion for seniors. Well after giving the latest senior fashion a try, it is not for you.

Seniors it is funny how we have been fashion conformist all of our lives. In public school we dressed based on what was the in-thing was with the group. If you attended private school there were daily uniforms. In college we tended to conform to the campus fashion of the day. As a married couple with children society had dress code standards. In the work force the employer has a dress code and employees conformed. Now you are single senior and society has old ancestral dress codes for seniors. I do not subscribe to those dress standards. Fashion is a form of self express. Seniors you are now free. Dressing for a date wear what makes you comfortable. What make you feel good. Dressing well based on the occasion gives a sense of confidence.  It may be old comfortable shoes, new high heels, a bow tie, a hat, new shiny bangle, jeans, fashion sunglasses and swim suits are not out. You choose you know what you look good on you. You know the correct size, fashions and color schemes that enhance your appearance. Nothing in wrong with venturing into a new fashion. Nothing wrong with staying in this is me fashion. I went online searched Baby Boomer fashions. Senior dating fashion is wide open.

Dressing for a Date Ideas:

Carman Orefays High Fashion Model -
Outfit for a chilly day.

There is something about men in suits.

Sean Penn - Semi Formal Date Wear Suit and Open Shirt

There is nothing like a rugged male of any age.
Layered sweaters in coordinated natural colors.

Women add to your mystic wear a Hat.
Vintage hats are always in style.

Classic Gentleman Wear

Just Like This Classic
James Cagney Look!
Johnny Depp: Men keep you identity
 wear your trademark hat.
Hot Date Dressing: Red dress
and stylish black hat.

Not Bad On the Eyes - Casual Attire Hat,
Scarf, Leisure Pants and Jacket 

What a Man
What a Style
No Woman Would Mind Going on a date
with a Senior Guy  dressed 
dark suit and no tie.
-Sean Connery-

Great Fashion High Collar Shirt
and Tapered Dark Suit
Women Conservative Date Dress

Helen Mirren - Women Casual Dating Dress

Casual Dress Roll-Up Levi's
with tennis shoes RELAX 

 Who Said T-Shirts
 Are Just For Kids?
(George Clooney)

Dating Dress Ideas: Swimming and Boating grab
swimsuit, trunks, light blouse/shirt and straw hat.

Helen Mirren
Seniors Still Got IT
Just Want to Have Fun Attire.
You Are Never Too Old For Fun.

No Old Lady Glasses -
Wear Fashion Sunglasses on Date

Elegant Dress-up - Silk blouse, scarf, small ear bobs
 and dramatic necklace (Carmen Orefays) 

Going on a Fancy Date Wear Fancy Shoes

Senior Women Be The Belle of the Ball.
Woman Admired for Her Beauty and Charm
Klimet Summer Evening Dress

Dressing For A Date - Sheer Dainty Blouse,
Stylish Purse and Bangles

A Little Dab Will Do It.
Simple Earrings adds to Classic Elegance.
Bobs and Bangles

Fashion Accessory the Scarf. Scarfs will add a bounce to any outfit
causal, business or evening wear.

Look What You Can Do with a Shawl Scarf.
The Shawl Scarf is the Focus Point
of the outfit.

Men and Women Niki shoes dating foot wear for all seasons:
 shopping, walking, biking, sightseeing, biking, coffee shops, travel 
and MORE! 

Exercise Date at the gym, park or beach:
Wear casual loose attire. Be Comfortable.

Dressing for a biking date?
Biking attire and sleek safety helmet.
Ready Set Go!

Casual Men's Wear for a Date
Looks Cool!

Never Too Old To Wear Jeans On A Date.

Nothing Fancy Light Blouses, Shirts,
Sweater over shoulders and straw hat.
Feel comfortable enjoy Mother Nature, food
and happy conversation.
We just grabbed what was in the closet.
We Are Comfortable and Into Each Other.

Dressing for a Date do not be hampered
by misconcepts about what you are suppose to wear. Wear what makes you comfortable. It maybe something that you wear all the time. Or an outfit for special dating occasions. Venture out and purchase something that makes you feel good. You know what style, size and color scheme looks good on you. There is nothing wrong with exploring newer trends if there is a comfort level with the trend. There is nothing wrong with just wear oldie but goodies. Be yourself. Date will appreciate you for yourself.

Most Of All
Dressing For A Date Be Yourself
Have A Sense of Humor!

Senior Women Pamper

It is great to dress up or down for shopping, gardening, office, date or etc. Single senior women before the dress-up pamper yourself daily.  One entitlement women have is pampering. There is nothing like a nice warm relaxing scented bubble baths. It is amazing the small body maintenance you can do while relaxing in the bath. Do not forget those moisturizing creams. Pampering is not new. In Ancient Egypt Cleopatra bathed in milk and rose petals. Women Ancient Egypt and Greece moisturize with olive oil. Pampering is a women's entitlement. Pampering is not only for a date but a everyday thing just for you.

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