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Senior Date Places - Exciting Senior Dating Places

Senior Date Place - Endless Exciting Senior Date Places
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Senior it may have been some time since you actively dated. What dating places should you consider? In your teens and early twenties dating was really exciting. The world was new you were free. Going to places you had never been. Will senior been there done that and dating places of interest change. Not suggesting that you do not still enjoy traditional date places but explore dating places you may have overlooked.
Endless Exciting Senior Date Places

Seniors Enjoy Physical
Dating Activities
1. New a Sport. Guess who are at the golf courses and tennis courts? People of all ages May have met a guy or girl that loves golf or  tennis. Want to plan a date at the golf course or tennis courts. Maybe reluctant in planning a golf or tennis dates because you do not know how to play either sport. Willing to learn golf and tennis clubs give lessons. Both partners maybe novices but sincere about learning sport. Want company take lessons together. When you both became confident in the sport great way for both to enjoy physical activity together.

2. Collapsible Chairs. Throw two collapsible chairs in the car trunk. Fire up the engine take a site seeing tour in your own neighborhood. It is amazing that most people just take the same routes and never venture to unfamiliar area in their own back yards. Go on an adventure. Drive along the coast, go to park or take a mountain route. Spot a great location. Grab your collapsible chairs, sit and relax. Chat and enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty. Not only are you enjoying nature but great way to get to know each other.

Walking Shoes
3. Stay in Shape. Go walks in commercial areas in your neighborhood, local parks or along the beach. Not trying out for the Olympics. Just leisurely enjoyable walk. Site seeing by foot. Can stop at hot dog, hamburger stand, coffee shop, window shop and visit interesting boutique shops.

Senior Dating
 4. Museum. There are museum for every interest: Art Museums, Modern Art Museums, Classical Art Museum, African American Art Museums, Hispanic Art Museums, Asian Art Museums, Hollywood Museum, Metropolitan Museums, Science Museums, Automotive Museums, Space Museum, Hat Museums and More. Have a day appreciating art and history. Most museums have beautiful outdoor grounds. Grab snacks and have a mini picnic. In cosmopolitan areas some museums have weekly concerts. Plan a day around touring museum, mini picnic and if available musical concert.


Sailing Is It
5. Set Sails. Rent a sail boat or chartered boat  cruise along local lagoon, marina, lakes or beaches. If taking ocean cruise may see a few whales, dolphins or seals. In any case, nice way to get away and check out your date. Boating is romantic.  

Local Farmer Markets
 Senior Leisure Date
6. Local Farmer Markets. Local Farmer Market just opened in my neighborhood. Fun place to browse and shop. Each stall has different items. Stalls with organic/natural food produce, jewelry stalls, candle stalls, cream and lotion stalls, clothing stalls, accessory stalls, food stalls and more. Bunch of things to see and talk about. Generally, the items are reasonably priced.

7. Wine Tasting. Go to vineyard and attend wine tasting. Maybe your first date do not feel secure?  Invite friend or friends to attend with new date. Need new dates approval to invite friends. Turn this first date into a wine tasting party. Enjoy new or old date and great friends.

Wine Tasting Date

Seniors Kick-Up
Your Heels
 8. Dancing. Dancing is great fun to touch, move and laugh. One thing the chemistry has to be right. If the chemistry is right take dancing classes together. Maybe a great dancer, rusty dancer or venture into new dancing style. Learn something new: square dancing lessons, ballroom dancing lessons or flamenco dancing. What fun the music and freedom of dance? Most of all enjoy dance and music with someone.

9. Home Dining Play Oldie but Goodies.

Dine At Home Play Oldie But Goodies Tunes
Plan lunch or dinner at home. Show your date what a great cook you are. Give the home the ambiance you want. Place freshly cut flowers and or candles in main rooms. Got a fireplace fire it up. Try something different. May want to eat on patio, balcony or backyard. Play rented or Netflix DVD themes can vary from concerts, documentary and or movies. One thing both seniors will appreciate are Oldie but Goodies Music. Remember those old 45 and 78 vinyl records? Have a great meal and reminisce with Back in the Day Tunes.

Senior Date Doggie Walk

10. Got A Dog? Pet lovers take the pets to the dog park. Arrange time and dog park. Both couples have dogs let us see how the dogs get along. More importantly let us see how you and new date get along.

11. Music Concerts. In summer months local parks provide free music concerts. Check online for parks, programs and times of music concerts. Great way to spend a summer evening.

Movie Date
12. Movies. Most dating sites will suggest not going to movies on the first date. Reason is, it is dark and you cannot get to know your new date. I do not agree. I love movies. I tend to go to movies near the end of the year. Reason best movies seem to come out near end of year for Academy Award consideration. It is so romantic seeing a great movie on the first date. O.K. it is dark and you cannot talk. So after the movie get snack and talk. I Bet the topic of conversation will be the movie. The movie can be the conversation kick starter. Personalities generally will leak out. First date at the movie maybe a memorable moment in a lasting relationship.

Senior Biking Date
13. Biking.  Make a biking date. What a way to cruise neighborhoods, parks and beaches.. Put on your biking gear do not forget your helmet. Bike along city streets, local parks and beach paths. Take a blanket and snacky foods. Stop have a low budget picnic. No rush spend the day biking, looking at the sites, snacking and chatting. Fun Day!

Senior Dating County Fairs
 and Disneyland
14. County Fairs and Disneyland. Go to County Fairs. Hang out have hot dogs and popcorn, enjoy rides and try your skills at games. You may win a prize.  May favorite is still Disneyland. When my kids were small we went to Disneyland all of the time. I do not know who had a better time my kids or me. I like the atmosphere, foods, rides and seeing Mickey Mouse. Your never too old for a County Fair or Disneyland date.

Endless Exciting Senior Dating Places.
Senior Date Places
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Dating Senior Condoms - Senior Safe Sex

Dating Senior Condoms - Senior Safe Sex

Do Not Fly Without Parachute

Senior Safe Sex - Do Not Forget Parachute
  There are several things to consider when dating. Concern is senior safe sex. I remember when I was a little girl would ask my aunt a questions she did not want to answer. Her answer was, “I do not want to talk about that right now.” That answer meant never. Baby boomers growing up our parent and relatives never talked about sex. Since sex was not a topic safe sex was never on the radar. If adults were talking about sex and children entered the room they would stop talking or whisper. In the 1950s until the early 1960s couples were expected to marry and stay married. The world has changed. The divorce rate is 50%. For seniors combine the divorce rate, with widows/widowers and those that never have been married. There is a large population of dating seniors. Senior are living long productive lives. With all the world changes seniors still may not be comfortable talking about sex or sexual protection.

An erroneous concept is that older people do not have sex or use drugs. Drug and sexually transmitted disease  prevention educational programs are aimed at a younger demographic. There is minimal sexual prevention programs addressing adults 50 years or older. Generally, seniors medical professional are not delving into a seniors sexual behaviors. Nor give medical advise on importance of safe sex. Seniors are not aware they are at risk for sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). Some studies suggest that sexually transmitted diseases are growing faster in the age group 50 years and older than for those 40 years and younger. Let us face it back in the day condoms were considered prevention against pregnancy. Since senior women are menopausal or post menopause they may not feel condoms are necessary. Yes condoms are necessary for safe sex.

As parent we have lectured to our children the importance of safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases like: Chlamydia, Herpes, and STD, syphilis, HIV/Aids and others. When you sleep with one person your are subject to contacting sexually transmitted diseases from all previous sexual partners that one person had sex with.. Everyone has to be sexually protected. Condoms are by far the best means of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases do not only infect teenagers and young adults but is the same across all ages. All ages including seniors.

Senior do not fly without your parachute. The rates of sexually transmitted diseases for 50 years or older are lower but percentages are rising. There is a risk  AARP survey found only 12% of senior men and 33% senior women used condoms on a regular basis. Use condoms regularly. This can be sticky for a new sexual encounters. Prior to sex you may answer, “Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?"  Herpes viruses can be latent for years without show any symptoms. Person may not be aware that they have the Herpes virus. The partner may or may not know if they have a sexually transmittable disease. In any case, more than likely the answer will be, NO. Sexual protection is not a matter of trust or consent. It is a matter of sexual safety. Do not run the risk. No health regrets use protection.

As time goes on decision made for monogamous relationship. Both can be tested for any infections. After infection clearance can decide to continue or discontinue using condoms. That decision is up to the couple based on their relationship.

Dating senior safe sex is just a part of the dating world. In this article I compare condoms to parachutes. You would not sky dive without a parachute? Do not have sexual relations without a condom.  Sexual prevention programs under appreciates the sexually active seniors safety. The advertisement and education address sexual safety for teens to average early forties.The old adage that seniors do not have sex is out of date. Check with local medical advisor or pharmacist for information on different types of condoms. Always carry a condom and know how to use it safely. Regardless of age, do not start a sexual  relationship without sexual protection. No big deal.

Note: All condoms should have expiration dates. The date will be printed on back of foil package and or the condoms package (generally cardboard). Condoms have shelf life.No condom should be used after the expiration date. Condoms should be stored in cool dry place. Condoms are not reusable.

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Pamper Yourself Single Senior Women

Pamper Yourself Single Senior Women

Bubble Bath Just for You!

There is a glorious entitlement being a woman, pampering. Remember when you were in your late teens and early twenties and you could sit in front of the mirror for hours just pampering yourself? You would pre plan date preparation step-by-step. How long to bath or shower? What scent to wear? What hair style and make-up? The final grand task was what outfit to wear. It was so exciting. Time bring about a change for a wife and mother. Your focus can change from self pampering to the needs of your family. You have not let yourself go but your not as self absorbed. There is the family to consider and you do not have time. As time marches on the kids are gone. There is a empty nest and you are a single senior.

Go back to pampering yourself. You deserve it. When you feel good you look go. Yes you may have gained a few pounds. Pampering does not have weight discrimination. I wrote a article about seniors dressing for a date. Later I thought prior to dressing what about pampering. This article dedicated to daily pampering yourself. Pampering not for someone else but because it is a women’s entitlement. Bathing is source of pampering, solace, stress relief and hygiene. Ancient Egyptians milk was known as nutriment for skin. Cleopatra bathed in milk and rose petals. Aloe Vera “Plant of Immortality” mixed with sand used as exfoliates. Both olive oil and honey were used for skin care by the Ancient Egyptians and adopted by the Greeks. Olive oil has antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Olive oil applied directly in baths for skin moisturizing.

Beauty tips while bathing. Once or twice a week while bathing give yourself a facial. Facials give a happy face and skin. Got a pumice stone? Used on damp or wet skin gently exfoliates rough skin on feet, elbows, hands and knees. Who would have thought that the bath is a center for body maintenance. I love daily bubble baths. Just relaxing in warm scented water with bubbles. I like leaving the bath with a natural floral scent. After bath do not forget to lotion or cream from head to toe. Viola, bet your will feel great. Today there are commercial and natural bathing produces on the market. This daily routine is not for someone else. My daily bubble baths are for me. It is great being a pampered woman.

Seniors Dressing for A Date Ideas
Dressing for a Date Ideas

It may have been a long time since you dated. You do not know what to wear. Should it be age appropriate, the latest trend, something slimming, beautiful shoe that hurt your feet, wear a tie, no tie, suit, jeans or etc. It is a dilemma. My best suggestion is wear what makes you comfortable. Dress appropriately for the date place. Consider dress wear for day or evening. What is age appropriate? It is nonsense. You know what is right for you that is the requirement. Review date dressing ideas.  

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Yes I Am Too Old To Date - Mature Matchmaking

Yes I Am Too Old To Date – Mature Matchmaking.

Too Old To Date - Mature Matchmaking
 Yes I am too old to date. No mature matchmaking for me. Mature adults have valid personal reasons why not to date. There are two sides to every coin. Let us look at reasons not to date and examine reasons to consider Mature Matchmaking.

1. Reason not to Date - I am over weight. Mature Single Woman: As a young woman in my twenties and thirties was average size 6 to 8. Now I am a size I do not want to discuss. Mature Man: As a young man I was a jock. Now I have a pot belly. Both overweight men and woman do not want to diet or exercise and do not feel attractive enough to attract a mate.


Flexibility: We are in a youth oriented society. There seems to be more emphasize or physical appearance than character content. There are seasons in personal physical development mature single are not going to have the same bodies they had in their twenties or thirties. Yes you maybe overweight with love handles but realistic seniors are not looking for a prom queens or football quarterbacks. They are looking to shared companionship and common values.

2. Reason not to Date – I have wrinkles. Cosmetic anti-wrinkle creams and cosmetic surgery are million if not billion dollar a year industries. Since ancient times man has looked for the fountain of youth. Regardless of anti-aging creams or surgery those wrinkles come back.

Flexibility: You may have a few wrinkles. Wrinkles are a normal part of aging. With aging there is a process of accepting yourself in the different aging stages. Do not harp on a perfect wrinkle free face but accept and become comfortable with your now self. I am not encouraging letting yourself go. Man and women pamper yourself. As a woman I love my creams and lotions. Do not stick your head in the sand. Wear your wrinkles as badges of enhanced character and beauty.

3. Reasons not to Date – Death of spouse that was the love of your life. Had a wonderful relationship now you are alone. There is no one that can replace that special person.

Flexibility – That is a tough one. At your own pace you will decide if dating again is for you.

4. Reason not to Date – I am divorced my teenage and adult children do not want me to date. We are all experiencing the upheavals of divorce. My kids have their lives ahead of them but I am not getting any younger.

Flexibility - You may have devoted your life to your ex-husband and children. Depending on your children’s age you still are legally and emotionally responsible you’re for children’s well beings. If they are in their late teens they may not be with you too much longer. If grown living on their own they are living their lives. What about you? You are healthy and active. It is not selfish to consider dating at any age. Considering dating discuss it with your children. On your initial date introduce date to your family. They may have valid input about your date or manipulative options. The final decision is with the parent.

5. Reason not to Date – I have given up on meeting someone. Senior matchmaking not for me. I hardly go anywhere and most of my friends are married. I do not go to social events with my married friends because I do not want to be the third wheel.

Flexibility: May want to get out and start doing things of interest. Suggestion: Enroll in art classes, history classes, music classes or varied classes at community college. Group activities, book clubs, religious organizations, wine tasting classes or join a gym. Local parks and golf sites offer training classes in tennis, swimming and golf. Mature single have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Consider volunteer work locally, nationally or internationally. Productive ways to get out of the house and interact with people with the same interest. Senior dating online service specializing in mature matchmaking.

6. Reason not to Date  - Romance and Love is Dead

Flexibility: Romance and Love is Never Dead regardless of age.

In an ideal world a Boomer's would meet their soul mate, marry and live together forever. This may not be the reality. The divorce rate in USA is 50%. As a senior, you maybe a divorcee, widow, widower and never met the right partner. For whatever reasons today you are a single senior. Ask most seniors if they would like to date and the answer would be YES. Ask them why they are not dating and the answer would be I am too old to date. There are a multitude of reasons. The reasons may just be “sour grape”. Fear of being disappointed or rejected. You may have gained a few extra pounds. As a senior, who has not gained weight?  Woman in your twenties you may have been a size six and now you’re a size twelve on a good day. Today’s senior are looking pretty darn good wrinkles and all. Wrinkle and weight are exterior features a soul mate is searching for the character, companionship, shared values and ideas in a partner.

Seniors are a large demographic in society. Seniors are healthier, live longer and are highly intelligent. Date search locally, nationally and internationally. Senior Online Dating is for seniors 50 years or older. From 2006 to 2007 Senior Online Dating increase 140%. Maybe a divorcee, widow or widower. Kids maybe grown lives of their own.

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