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Senior Resources- Tax and Money Advise, Reverse Mortgage Advise, Recreation and Traveling Abroad and More!

Senior Resources - Wealth of information Guides and Advise for Seniors. Eating healthy provided USDA. Moderate to regulate exercise University of Iowa. U.S. government and AARP money and tax advice. Senior estate tax and gift advise. Aging may change driving habits driving tips. Aging has its benefits senior Amtrak discounts and recreational sites discount.  Guide for seniors traveling abroad and more.

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 Seniors Guide to Eating Health
Kids maybe away from home and the daily healthy meals may have decreased. Of course, there is a banquet of dishes at holiday time but what about your daily diet? This is your time so eat healthy. Add more vegetables and fruits. High fiber, low sodium and with high water contain plant aid in energy levels, digestion and health. Cut down on highly saturated foods. Saturated fat tends to be solid at room temperature and have bad fats. Bad fats are associated with artery diseases. Cut down on high starch and sugar diets. The body stores fats, starches and sugar if the body does not burn them off. A current tend is organic and natural foods. Consumer are increasingly concerned about commercially processed food and additives. Consider healthy eating habits.
  • United States Department of Agriculture - National Agricultural Library

Exercise For Seniors University of Iowa
 Exercises reduces the risks of certain diseases and strengthen muscles and balance. Exercise should be a minimum of 30 minutes 3 days a week. Should not be something your dread but enjoyable routine. Simple exercises: walks, bike rides, swimming, skating or gardening. In shopping centers do not park near stores but just a little further and walk. Instead of taking elevator take stairs. Little tidbits for exercise ideas.

Regular and moderate physical activities for Seniors. University of Iowa

Seniors Money and Taxes US Gov.
You maybe on a fixed income. Money is a paramount concern. Money and tax tips for U.S. government and AARP. Government tips Estate Taxes and Gifts. In the last few years Reverse Mortgages are on the market. Information about Reverse Mortgages and More.
  • Tax Tips for Seniors
Recreation and Travel for Seniors US Gov
Age has its benefits. Amtrak has a discount for seniors. Additionally, Review Recreational and Park discounts. When you got your driving license a while ago there were less drivers on the road. There was no such thing as "Road Rage". Review driving times for seniors driver density and habits have changed. Now, to the fun part Senior Traveling Abroad Tips.
  • Amtrak Discounts for Seniors
  • Senior and Driving
  • Recreation and Parks for Seniors
  • Senior Traveling Abroad Travel Tips
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