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Dating Senior Condoms - Senior Safe Sex

Dating Senior Condoms - Senior Safe Sex

Do Not Fly Without Parachute

Senior Safe Sex - Do Not Forget Parachute
  There are several things to consider when dating. Concern is senior safe sex. I remember when I was a little girl would ask my aunt a questions she did not want to answer. Her answer was, “I do not want to talk about that right now.” That answer meant never. Baby boomers growing up our parent and relatives never talked about sex. Since sex was not a topic safe sex was never on the radar. If adults were talking about sex and children entered the room they would stop talking or whisper. In the 1950s until the early 1960s couples were expected to marry and stay married. The world has changed. The divorce rate is 50%. For seniors combine the divorce rate, with widows/widowers and those that never have been married. There is a large population of dating seniors. Senior are living long productive lives. With all the world changes seniors still may not be comfortable talking about sex or sexual protection.

An erroneous concept is that older people do not have sex or use drugs. Drug and sexually transmitted disease  prevention educational programs are aimed at a younger demographic. There is minimal sexual prevention programs addressing adults 50 years or older. Generally, seniors medical professional are not delving into a seniors sexual behaviors. Nor give medical advise on importance of safe sex. Seniors are not aware they are at risk for sexual transmitted diseases (STDs). Some studies suggest that sexually transmitted diseases are growing faster in the age group 50 years and older than for those 40 years and younger. Let us face it back in the day condoms were considered prevention against pregnancy. Since senior women are menopausal or post menopause they may not feel condoms are necessary. Yes condoms are necessary for safe sex.

As parent we have lectured to our children the importance of safe sex. Sexually transmitted diseases like: Chlamydia, Herpes, and STD, syphilis, HIV/Aids and others. When you sleep with one person your are subject to contacting sexually transmitted diseases from all previous sexual partners that one person had sex with.. Everyone has to be sexually protected. Condoms are by far the best means of protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases do not only infect teenagers and young adults but is the same across all ages. All ages including seniors.

Senior do not fly without your parachute. The rates of sexually transmitted diseases for 50 years or older are lower but percentages are rising. There is a risk  AARP survey found only 12% of senior men and 33% senior women used condoms on a regular basis. Use condoms regularly. This can be sticky for a new sexual encounters. Prior to sex you may answer, “Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?"  Herpes viruses can be latent for years without show any symptoms. Person may not be aware that they have the Herpes virus. The partner may or may not know if they have a sexually transmittable disease. In any case, more than likely the answer will be, NO. Sexual protection is not a matter of trust or consent. It is a matter of sexual safety. Do not run the risk. No health regrets use protection.

As time goes on decision made for monogamous relationship. Both can be tested for any infections. After infection clearance can decide to continue or discontinue using condoms. That decision is up to the couple based on their relationship.

Dating senior safe sex is just a part of the dating world. In this article I compare condoms to parachutes. You would not sky dive without a parachute? Do not have sexual relations without a condom.  Sexual prevention programs under appreciates the sexually active seniors safety. The advertisement and education address sexual safety for teens to average early forties.The old adage that seniors do not have sex is out of date. Check with local medical advisor or pharmacist for information on different types of condoms. Always carry a condom and know how to use it safely. Regardless of age, do not start a sexual  relationship without sexual protection. No big deal.

Note: All condoms should have expiration dates. The date will be printed on back of foil package and or the condoms package (generally cardboard). Condoms have shelf life.No condom should be used after the expiration date. Condoms should be stored in cool dry place. Condoms are not reusable.

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