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Mouches Sign of Attraction-Senior Dating

Mouche Sign of Attraction
 It is amazing what men and women have endured to attract the opposite sex. Today it can still be a grueling task. Regimented exercise, dieting, facials, cosmetics, perfume, botox, hair care and more. Men and women have always said look at me. In the stone ages perforated sea shells were discovered. It is assume used by women maybe men for adornment. In the Far East women have bounded their feet. Assumed the small feet more attractive to men. In the Baby Boomer's youth mini skirts were in fashion.  In the 17th and 18th century  Europe men and women has similar beauty customs. Both men and women  of England and France worn make-up (containing lead), elevated shoes and wigs. Moles in the dark ages were considered signs of evil. Moles in 17th century Europe were fashionable signs of attraction. Not everyone has moles no problems the artificial mole became the fashion trend. These moles were called, mouches (flies).  Made from: leather, silk, taffeta and velvet. Europe had specialized mouche designers. Elaborate in design from: crescent moons, butterflies, flowers, stars and a horses with carriage. Horses drawn carriages were fashionable. A few skin moles were considered beautiful and a sign of status. Royal houses and upper class society worn mouches along with wigs, make-up and high-heel shoes . The popularity of the mouche traveled from England and France to the royal court of Russia. In Russia the mouche was called, "mushka". Mouches could indicated a person's political party, marital status and personal sensuality. Mouches were signs of attraction. Mouches were pasted on the face, neck, shoulder or beasts. A person could wear one to ten mouches depending on the event and personal preference. We see actors wearing mouches in period movies. Examples: “Barry Lyndon” with Ryan O’Neal or “Dangerous Liaison” with Glenn Close and John Malkovich the characters have facial moles reflecting fashions of that period.

We do not wear mouches today. We have other beauty customs for attraction.Nothing is wrong with being and feeling attractive. In Western Europe 17th and 18th century royal and upper class wedding were arranged. This was to maintain prestige, power and wealth. Other classes of society required strong parental approval. As the mouche fashion has ended dating traditions are changing. Traditional methods of meeting mates are still standard. Integrated into traditional dating is 21st century dating online. With the advancement of technology compatible Dating Online Senior Members of all background, religions, interest, professions, standards and values are meeting. Dating Members have different motives options available for casual or serious relationships.

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