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Senior Dating Fan Old World Attraction

Hand Fan Attraction
 Senior Dating - The Fan Attraction

Contemporary times there are arts of attraction. In Old World Europe the hand fan had its own silent language of attraction. The fan has been used by women for centuries as silent language of physical attraction, love or rejection. The fan has a language of it own. Art of attraction, invitation, love or rejection. Lover was encouraged by gracious furls of the fan. A disdainful furl meant rejection. Gallant men were students in the interpretation of each flutter of a woman's fan.

Between the 1600 century until the late 1800s the fan was in use in Western Europe including Spain. The fan was a fashion accessory and symbol of social status. Fans were made of ivory, painted paper or silk, lace or animal skin. Folding fan were approximate eight to nine inches long. High fashion was not complete without a well designed fan. Young ladies were trained in fan etiquette. In Spanish culture the father was the family protector. Daughter were discreetly protected again male suitors. Women in the family were expected to be lovely, discreet, silent and private. The hand fan, ‘abanico’ was the perfect fashion accessory. Custom traditionally designed fans gave the sense of allure, privacy and mystery. In the 1600s – 1800s century social etiquette restricted verbal intimate communications between men and women. The fan was not just a fashion statement. The fan has an unspoken code language. Women were proficient in fan gestures and men were experts in fan gesture interpretation. The fan was not just a fashion statement and cooling instrument. The fan had its' own silent language of attraction, love or rejection.

Fan Language:

  • Closing the fan – I wish to talk to you
  • Open fan widely – Wait for me  

  • Handle of fan to Lips – Kiss Me

  • Dropping fan – I belong to you 

  • Drawing the fan across the right cheek – I love you  

  • Letting fan rest on right cheek – Yes 

  • Letting fan rest on left cheek – No 

  • Half opened fan over face – We are being watched (maybe parents or spouse)  

  • Fan open covering mouth – I am single

  • Fan very quickly – I am engaged  

  • Slowly fanning – I am married (depending on gesture could mean – I do not care for you) 

  • Hitting object with fan – I am impatient

  • Fanning with left hand – Do not flirt with that women.  

  • Woman running fingers through fan’s ribs – I want to talk to you.  

  • Resting Fan on lips – I do not trust you

  • Twirling fan in left hand – I want to get rid of you  

  • Twirling with the right hand – I love another

  • Some historian argues the fans coded language never existed. Others believe this coded language was handed down each generation from mother to daughter. Joseph Addison wrote “Passion of the Fan”.
    By Joseph Addison
    [Author of "Passions of the Fan"] The Spectator, No 102, 1711

    “Women are armed with fans as men with swords, and sometimes do more execution with them. To the end therefore that ladies may be entire mistresses of the weapon which they bear, I have erected an academy for the training up of young women in the exercise of the fan, according to the most fashionable airs and motions that are now practiced at court.”
    The ladies who carry fans under me are drawn up twice a-day in my great hall, where they are instructed in the use of their arms, and exercised by the following words of command:
    Handle your Fans, Unfurl your Fans, Discharge your Fans, Ground your Fans, Recover your Fans, Flutter your Fans.
    By the right observation of these few plain words of command, a woman of a tolerable genius, who will apply herself diligently to her exercise for the space of but one half year, shall be able to give her fan all the graces that can possibly enter into that little modish machin The language of the fan is a forgotten. Women are not repressed and can openly communicate with the opposite sex. Things change and remain the same body language and eye contacts are unspoken code languages of attraction. Unfortunately there not camouflaged by a beautify fan. The traditional fan added mystery and allure to the art of attraction, dating and love.

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