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Pamper Yourself Single Senior Women

Pamper Yourself Single Senior Women

Bubble Bath Just for You!

There is a glorious entitlement being a woman, pampering. Remember when you were in your late teens and early twenties and you could sit in front of the mirror for hours just pampering yourself? You would pre plan date preparation step-by-step. How long to bath or shower? What scent to wear? What hair style and make-up? The final grand task was what outfit to wear. It was so exciting. Time bring about a change for a wife and mother. Your focus can change from self pampering to the needs of your family. You have not let yourself go but your not as self absorbed. There is the family to consider and you do not have time. As time marches on the kids are gone. There is a empty nest and you are a single senior.

Go back to pampering yourself. You deserve it. When you feel good you look go. Yes you may have gained a few pounds. Pampering does not have weight discrimination. I wrote a article about seniors dressing for a date. Later I thought prior to dressing what about pampering. This article dedicated to daily pampering yourself. Pampering not for someone else but because it is a women’s entitlement. Bathing is source of pampering, solace, stress relief and hygiene. Ancient Egyptians milk was known as nutriment for skin. Cleopatra bathed in milk and rose petals. Aloe Vera “Plant of Immortality” mixed with sand used as exfoliates. Both olive oil and honey were used for skin care by the Ancient Egyptians and adopted by the Greeks. Olive oil has antibacterial and moisturizing properties. Olive oil applied directly in baths for skin moisturizing.

Beauty tips while bathing. Once or twice a week while bathing give yourself a facial. Facials give a happy face and skin. Got a pumice stone? Used on damp or wet skin gently exfoliates rough skin on feet, elbows, hands and knees. Who would have thought that the bath is a center for body maintenance. I love daily bubble baths. Just relaxing in warm scented water with bubbles. I like leaving the bath with a natural floral scent. After bath do not forget to lotion or cream from head to toe. Viola, bet your will feel great. Today there are commercial and natural bathing produces on the market. This daily routine is not for someone else. My daily bubble baths are for me. It is great being a pampered woman.

Seniors Dressing for A Date Ideas
Dressing for a Date Ideas

It may have been a long time since you dated. You do not know what to wear. Should it be age appropriate, the latest trend, something slimming, beautiful shoe that hurt your feet, wear a tie, no tie, suit, jeans or etc. It is a dilemma. My best suggestion is wear what makes you comfortable. Dress appropriately for the date place. Consider dress wear for day or evening. What is age appropriate? It is nonsense. You know what is right for you that is the requirement. Review date dressing ideas.  

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Pampering and Dressing for a Date

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