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Meet Senior Singles - 59 Senior Money Saving Tips

59 Senior Money Saving Tips
Senior Discount Guide
Senior Money Saving Tips
 Meeting senior singles can be challenging when as a senior you maybe on a strict monthly income. Seniors maybe on a fixed income, working full or part-time. This is the worst economy since The Great Depression. The county's economy is weak and uncertain. There is  high unemployment, high home foreclosure rates and recent employed worker had a long period of unemployment. Seniors played by the rules never considered in their mature age that the world economy would be unstable.  The fact being, seniors income maybe less than it was a decade ago. There are corners that can be cut to free up extra money to do what you want to do.  Senior money savings tips: health, car and fuel, finance, shopping, foods, utilities, pets and travel. Do not let the economy stop you from dating online. Meet Senior single review inexpensive date idea.  Casual fun date idea create you own atmosphere. It is amazing what little things can be done to save money.

Review 59 Senior Money Saving Tips:


1. Prescriptions -  Purchase pharmaceuticals at low-price warehouse clubs (Costco or Sam's Club). There are no restriction on prescription. Check local warehouse club near you.

2. Health Care - Federally funded health care center provide dental and medical care on a sliding-fee base on the ability to pay. For individuals with not health care insurance. Visit:

3. Free Eye Care - 65 or older may qualify to have volunteer ophthalmologist perform eye exam and perform up to 12 month care. Free service visit:

4. Medicare Free Preventative Care - Some participating Medicare providers under health care laws provides for free preventive tests. These preventative test: wellness visits, mammograms, colorectal cancer screening, bone density scanning, Pap smears and other test. Check with your Medicare-participating doctor.

5. Prescription Drugs - Consult with medical expert and compare ordinary bands and generic bands. Compare brand pricing. Shop retail prescription companies for best discount plans and pricing.


5. Trade-in - Depending on car make, model and condition some cars are lasting up to 250,000 miles. The general rule of thumb was 60,000 - 100,000 miles for trade-in. May want to keep that older car that is running well and paid-off.

6.  Fuel Saver - When traveling around town go to farthest distance first. Lately, the closest stops next to your home. Farthest distance warms up car and give maximum fuel efficiency.

7. Grocery Rewards - Commercial grocery chain stores like Safeway, Kroger and Winn-Dixie has reward gasoline point programs. Let the rewards add up and save on gasoline.


8. Free Tax Preparation - AARP Foundation Tax Aid Program offer free tax services during tax season. Certified tax volunteers help low to middle income filers. Special attention given to filers 60 years and older.

9. Pay Yourself - When you do home duties you may have paid someone else to do pay yourself. Things like house cleaning, mowing the lawn, window washing or painting a room. Put the "cost" in your piggy bank.


10. Coupons - Online coupons check, WOWpons, Valpak, and other online websites. Pool of printable coupon discounts.

11. Dollar Stores - Everything in store is $1.00. Items from toiletries, household goods, greeting cards, gift bags, gift wrapping, foods, plants, cosmetics and clothes. Place for great bargains.

12. Price Comparison - Compare prices go online to, Nextag, and Pricewatch.


13. Market Weekly Sales - Every week supermarket produces go on sale. Check different local markets in your area for sales. Stock up on nonperishable items. For meats and poultry stock up and freeze the meats.

14. Have a Shopping List - The lay-on of markets are designed for you to purchase more items. This includes display items. The more expensive item tend to be eye level.  Before going to grocery have shopping list and stick to the items on the list.

15Store Membership - Retail stores offer discount store membership programs. Become a member of every store discount membership program you can. Each week stores have member discounts on certain items. The savings add up.

16. Fast Foods - Conventional Foods - Microwave: Cut back on purchasing fast foods, conventional foods and microwave food produce. Substitute these processed foods with healthy homemade snacks and meals. Consider a healthy vegetable and food garden in your backyard or potted  patio garden.

17. Local Foods - Produce grown locally tend to be less expensive. Shipping cost is less and there are fewer middlemen. Visit local farmer's market fresh produce generally at reasonable prices. Local farmer markets are at different locations once a week.

18. Dining Deals - offers discount certificates at a variety of restaurants. Google Entertainment Book offers "buy one get one" dining discounts and more.

19.  Crock Pot - My oven was broken and I got a crock pot. I was hesitant. It is quick and easy. There are countless recipes available that are delicious. Great was to prepare smaller meals and save energy.

20.  For Small Items - Walk to the grocery save fuel and get exercise.

21.  No Kids - The kids are grow and living on their own. There is no need to over stockpile items like food, cleaning and hygiene products.


22.  Get Rid of Things in Closet - Go through closet and get rid of old stuff. We become hoarders and keep things we no longer need. Maybe stuff two sizes too small or large. Things you forgot about or no longer wear. Have a garage sale, take to consignment shop or donate get a tax deduction. Pocket a few pennies for stuff you do not need.

23.  Homeware - Bedding - Towels:  Go through room in house and decide what you need and what you do not need. Collect old homeware, bedding, towels and etc donate to needy organization and get tax deduction.

24.  Turn Off Lights, TV and Computer - Before you leave home turn-off the lights, TV, radio and computer. Of course at night, leave a light on for security but no need to have multiple lights on when leaving in the evening. Use less energy.

25Social Security Number - Never have social security number on any online accounts. Protect yourself against computer hacker.

26.  Online Banking - Do not have your online banking account in Favorites or RoboForm. Protect yourself against computer hackers.

27Negotiate with Cable or Satellite Channels -  Review cable premium packages. Subscription: HBO, Starz, Showtime and Cinemax. Consider canceling channels not watched before cancellation contact company to re-negotiate monthly rates.

28. Book Swapping - Online book swapping clubs exchange books with other members the only cost is postage.

29. Library - Library excellent source for mostly any book of interest. No need to purchase books.

30. Golf for Less - Sign up for "loyal customer" notification of local golf courses promotions. Inquire about mid morning or twilight discount rates. Off season deals available at some courses April to September. Visit, and for low cost courses.

31. Check Parks and Recreation Centers - Check local parks and recreation centers for Senior discounts and free services. Check facilities: basketball courts, tennis courts, disc golf, swimming pools, hiking trails  and other recreations. There are a multitude of services that Seniors can enjoy at a discount or FREE.

32.  Rubber Bands - Wrap the tips of your hangers with rubber bands. Keep clothes from falling off hanger.

33.  Community Garden - Join community garden and grow your own crops. Have fun, get exercise, meet people and save money on store bought produce.

34.  Lemon Cleanser - Use lemon juice to dissolve soap scum and hard-water deposits. Can mix lemon juice with baking soda and make paste. Paste can clean brass and copper. Test paste first.

35. Long Distance - Landlines maybe charging extra for long distance calls. Most cellphone contracts included local and long distance calls in plans.  For long distance calls maybe cheaper to use cellphone.

36. Vinegar Kills Ants - Spray undiluted white vinegar around doorways, window sills and walkway. Less toxic and cost efficient way to kill ants.

37. Vinegar and Water - Save on window solution cost. Mix equal parts of undiluted white vinegar and water. Spray and clean windows.

38. Rose Pest - Try 1 tablespoon of liquid detergent mixed 31 ounces of water. Spray plant well before plant has pest or first signs of pest.  Make at a routine and spray once every 1 or 2 weeks. It works for me. Save on pest repellents for roses.

39.  911 Meds and Allergies - Local list information of personal medicines and allergies. Automatically sent to police and medics. This is a new service and not available in all municipalities.

40.  Senior Discount Coupons - Check online for grocery printable discount coupons.

41.  Email Alerts - Sign up for email alerts for discounts and specials from your favorite restaurants.

42.  Professional Memberships - If you are not longer a member of a professional  organization cancel membership and fees.

43.  Civil Organizations - If no longer a active member of civil organization cancel membership.

44.  Review Life Insurance Policy - Review life insurance policy to insure that policy fees met your needs.

45.  Review Car Insurance Policy - When you obtained policy you may have been fully employed and driving 30 miles round trip per day. Now you employment conditions may have changes. Daily driving distance may be reduced. Re- evaluate car insurance policy. See if  there are reasons for annual reduction.

46.  Do It Yourself - Leaky faucet go to Home Depot or Lowe's and get instruction for repair. The cause maybe a washer that your can replace yourself and save money.

47. Freshen Up - Freshen up a room do not hire a painter but paint it yourself. There are a wide range of colors. A little color and decor goes a long way.


48.  Cellphone - Review cellphone bill and get rid of services you do not use. Services maybe text messages or web access.

49. Disconnect Cellphone - Disconnect cellphone and other electronic devices after fully charged. Wasting energy leaving devices plugged in after charged.

50. Firewood - Buy scrap wood from local sawmills and used as firewood. Firewood a cord is approximately $150.00 save with scrap wood .


51. Think Small Pets - the ASPA estimates annual cost for feeding large dog is $235.00 and for a small dog $55.00. Annual feeding cost for a cat is approximately $115.00


52. Broadway Shows - Many theatres offer discount tickets at box office for same day performances or standing room only. For participating shows check online or call theatre.

53. Travel At Discount - AARP Travel Center at offers travel discounts for seniors.

54. Flying Discounts - According to the best deals on flights are January and February. Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days to book flights.

55. Bus Travel - Intercity travelling by bus has become very popular. Should be no surprise with gas prices. Bus travel is less expensive than plane or train travel. Buses drop-offs are in the center of town. Many buses have Wi-Fi and power outlets.Save gas and relax.

56. Train Travel - Amtrak has 15% discount for most fares for riders 62 years old or older. VIA Canada offer 10% discounts for riders 60 years old or older.


57. Movies - Major chain theatres offer Senior Discounts.

58. Netflix - I know there as an uproar when Netflix increased their rates. I have the service for both CDs and Instant Stream. I love it am able to see recently released movies, movies of every genre, BBC and documentaries. The documentaries are a great source on education and entertaining. You can be the judge get service for quiet evenings at home. If you can wait until movie released on CD service cuts down on movie cost.

Reoccurring Charges:

59. Annual Reoccurring Charges - Check bank account for reoccurring annual fees from company services you no longer have. This happen to me I noticed that an online anti-virus company debited my checking account for reoccurring annual service.  I have not used that service for more than 2 years. I do not know how they are able to debit accounts but called bank had charges reversed.

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