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Meet Senior Singles - Computer Intimidation

Senior Getting Over Computer Intimidation and Meeting Senior Singles
Work Station - Desktop Computer
 Some seniors are intimidated by the computer. The computer is not a monster. Nor is it the wave of the future. In the 1980 home computers were used by work at home adults, adult and children education and entertainment. With the advent of the Internet home computer uses increased drastically worldwide. The Internet provides indispensable communications through email and other network applications. The Internet provides information searches on any topic, news, sports, stocks, health, how-to’s and other information needs. Research any topic online from dating, scuba diving to need point. Educational and skill courses are now online. Consumers now shop online, kids obtain online degrees, seek employment online and much more. Seniors are finding love online. The computer and Internet are not things of the future but NOW technology in most homes.

Seniors are one of the fast growing segments on the Internet. Top Internet dating sites 16% to 17% members are over 55 years of age. Mature members are a special segment with specific dating needs. There are sites that cater exclusively to seniors. Even with the advancement of Senior Online Dating technophobia is stopping some seniors from dating online. Other seniors are logging on and proving their not to old to learn their home computer and Internet. They have ventured into a new approach to matchmaking. Dating members are not wasting time at bars, gyms or depending on mutual friends. Matches are matched via personal traits, personality, lifestyles, and interests compatible matching.

Online dating has been around since the 90s. Prodigy, America Online and other Internet service providers offered forums and chat rooms for singles. These single chat rooms and forums created an online dating culture. In 1994 and 1995 and registered dating sites. By 1996 there were 16 online dating sites. Today there are more than 1,400 online dating sites. Online dating got a cultural boost with the movie "You've Got Mail" starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Online dating has advanced with technoloy and specializes dating by categories. Senior online dating is approximately 15% demographics of the online dating population.  

Laptop Computer
I am no computer wiz but there are two types of computers. Workstation – Referred to as Desk Top. Computer fits on the desk: Personal computer used primarily by one user at a time. Stationary unit designed for technical and research uses. Connected to a local area network and uses multiple user operating systems. Laptop or Notebook Computer: Small personal computer with designed for portability. Built in USB ports, graphic cards, sound channel and etc. Home computers have invaluable uses: search any topic, research any topic, news, sports, cooking sites, gardening sites, shop at home, book flights, pay bills, online banking and much more. Word of encouragement. Learning your computer, online services and email takes time. Systems, applications and services change constantly. By the time you have learned one method there has been a changing update. Do not become discouraged and learn at your own pace.
Slow and study wins the race.  Eventually, the computer will become a part of your daily life. Senior Friend Finders meet senior people looking for friendship, companionship, long term relationship or widen social circle. Find Senior Friends Online.

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