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Senior Dating - Royal Love Webs

Duchess of Devonshire

Senior Dating - Love Webs of Royals
Georgina Cavendish ( Duchess of Devonshire) 
 and  Princess Diana

Georgiana Cavendish great, great grand niece was Diana Spencer. Both born more than two hundred year apart had very similar ill fated marriages. Georgiana married William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire and Diana Spencer marriage Prince Charles of Wales. Georgina married at 17 William Devonshire nearly ten years her elder. Georgiana’s father was John Spencer, 1st Earl Spencer. Diana married at age 20 years and Prince Charles of Wales was in his early thirties. Both married older men of status and wealth. William and Charles were considered the most eligible bachelors of the time. Their marriages propelled them to fame. Duchess of Devonshire and Princess Diana both noted for their beauty and fashion. Fashion icons of the day the duchess was painted by Gainsborough and Reynolds. More than two hundred years later Princess Diana was painted by Mario Testino. Every public appearance Georgina chronicled in tabloids of the day. Princess Diana was flocked by paparazzi.

Duke of Devonshire had two conditions required from his wife loyalty and a male heir. 18th century London had one set of rules for wives and a different set of rules for husbands. Early in her marriage her husband’s child by a maid moved into their home. Georgiana raised the child as her own. There were three children from this marriage. Fortunately, the third child was a male heir, the 6th Duke of Devonshire. The Duke’s mistress, Lady Elizabeth Foster lived with them for twenty five years. Lady Elizabeth Foster bore the 5th Duke of Devonshire two children.

Georgiana’ public life was different than here private life. Known for beauty, style and elaborate fashion. She had a passion for politics and actively campaigned for the Whig Party. She had an extra marital affair with Charles Gray. This affair produced a daughter, Eliza Courtney. The daughter was sent to live with the Grey family. Charles Grey later became prime minster. Georgiana and William remained together until her death at 48. A few years after Georgiana’s death 5th Duke of Devonshire married his mistress, Lady Elizabeth Foster.

Diana as well, known for beauty and fashion. Princess Diana was active in AIDS Awareness and land-mine victims. Two handsome sons was produced from there marriage. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry of Wales’s heirs to the throne. Camilla Parker Bowles relationship with Prince Charles begin many years before Diana’s marriage to Prince Charles. It was a definite factor in the Prince and Princess’s divorce. Princess Diana was killed in a fatal car crash 1996. Charles married Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall in 2005.

The parallel in their lives are uncanny. In my view, both in loveless marriages. Having to live with the humiliation of other women in the orbit of their marriages. Both loved the public and the public loved them. All men love them and women wanted to be like them. Except their husbands did not appear to have the same admiration.

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