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Yes I Am Too Old To Date - Mature Matchmaking

Yes I Am Too Old To Date – Mature Matchmaking.

Too Old To Date - Mature Matchmaking
 Yes I am too old to date. No mature matchmaking for me. Mature adults have valid personal reasons why not to date. There are two sides to every coin. Let us look at reasons not to date and examine reasons to consider Mature Matchmaking.

1. Reason not to Date - I am over weight. Mature Single Woman: As a young woman in my twenties and thirties was average size 6 to 8. Now I am a size I do not want to discuss. Mature Man: As a young man I was a jock. Now I have a pot belly. Both overweight men and woman do not want to diet or exercise and do not feel attractive enough to attract a mate.


Flexibility: We are in a youth oriented society. There seems to be more emphasize or physical appearance than character content. There are seasons in personal physical development mature single are not going to have the same bodies they had in their twenties or thirties. Yes you maybe overweight with love handles but realistic seniors are not looking for a prom queens or football quarterbacks. They are looking to shared companionship and common values.

2. Reason not to Date – I have wrinkles. Cosmetic anti-wrinkle creams and cosmetic surgery are million if not billion dollar a year industries. Since ancient times man has looked for the fountain of youth. Regardless of anti-aging creams or surgery those wrinkles come back.

Flexibility: You may have a few wrinkles. Wrinkles are a normal part of aging. With aging there is a process of accepting yourself in the different aging stages. Do not harp on a perfect wrinkle free face but accept and become comfortable with your now self. I am not encouraging letting yourself go. Man and women pamper yourself. As a woman I love my creams and lotions. Do not stick your head in the sand. Wear your wrinkles as badges of enhanced character and beauty.

3. Reasons not to Date – Death of spouse that was the love of your life. Had a wonderful relationship now you are alone. There is no one that can replace that special person.

Flexibility – That is a tough one. At your own pace you will decide if dating again is for you.

4. Reason not to Date – I am divorced my teenage and adult children do not want me to date. We are all experiencing the upheavals of divorce. My kids have their lives ahead of them but I am not getting any younger.

Flexibility - You may have devoted your life to your ex-husband and children. Depending on your children’s age you still are legally and emotionally responsible you’re for children’s well beings. If they are in their late teens they may not be with you too much longer. If grown living on their own they are living their lives. What about you? You are healthy and active. It is not selfish to consider dating at any age. Considering dating discuss it with your children. On your initial date introduce date to your family. They may have valid input about your date or manipulative options. The final decision is with the parent.

5. Reason not to Date – I have given up on meeting someone. Senior matchmaking not for me. I hardly go anywhere and most of my friends are married. I do not go to social events with my married friends because I do not want to be the third wheel.

Flexibility: May want to get out and start doing things of interest. Suggestion: Enroll in art classes, history classes, music classes or varied classes at community college. Group activities, book clubs, religious organizations, wine tasting classes or join a gym. Local parks and golf sites offer training classes in tennis, swimming and golf. Mature single have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Consider volunteer work locally, nationally or internationally. Productive ways to get out of the house and interact with people with the same interest. Senior dating online service specializing in mature matchmaking.

6. Reason not to Date  - Romance and Love is Dead

Flexibility: Romance and Love is Never Dead regardless of age.

In an ideal world a Boomer's would meet their soul mate, marry and live together forever. This may not be the reality. The divorce rate in USA is 50%. As a senior, you maybe a divorcee, widow, widower and never met the right partner. For whatever reasons today you are a single senior. Ask most seniors if they would like to date and the answer would be YES. Ask them why they are not dating and the answer would be I am too old to date. There are a multitude of reasons. The reasons may just be “sour grape”. Fear of being disappointed or rejected. You may have gained a few extra pounds. As a senior, who has not gained weight?  Woman in your twenties you may have been a size six and now you’re a size twelve on a good day. Today’s senior are looking pretty darn good wrinkles and all. Wrinkle and weight are exterior features a soul mate is searching for the character, companionship, shared values and ideas in a partner.

Seniors are a large demographic in society. Seniors are healthier, live longer and are highly intelligent. Date search locally, nationally and internationally. Senior Online Dating is for seniors 50 years or older. From 2006 to 2007 Senior Online Dating increase 140%. Maybe a divorcee, widow or widower. Kids maybe grown lives of their own.

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